​​        Cornplanter Township        

​                         Venango County, PA

​​​​Benjamin Breniman

Zoning Officer

(814) 676-1744

The Township Zoning Officer,  manages land use activities, issues zoning permits and enforces our zoning ordinances.   The public involvement in private land use matters and business activities in the Township begins with an application to the township zoning officer for a zoning permit, which is required for construction and other activities to verify and authorize the legal use of property in accordance with the zoning regulations. 

The Zoning Officer has various enforcement and procedural duties that may include:
Making determinations regarding an applicant's project or use specifications and compliance with the requirements of

the zoning ordinance and zoning map, Administering the zoning ordinance,  Responding to requests for service related to alleged illegal uses and activities, Approving home occupations, Coordinating enforcement actions and due process related to zoning enforcement, and Participating in Zoning Hearing Board meetings in an official capacity and witnessing during appeals to his/her land use determinations.

Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board consists of five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Their primary duty is to hear cases on individual requests pertaining to any possible deviation to the Zoning Ordinance. This includes variances, Special Exceptions, and interpretation of the Zoning Officer.

The Zoning Hearing Board consists of:

Darrin Burt

Chris Best

Jim Stoudt

Marylou Hall

Chris Stewart

The Board solicitor is: Atty. Richard Winkler
Zoning Board meetings are held as needed upon request by the Zoning Officer.  Meetings are held at the Township building.

Building Code


Mike Grill

(814) 432-2630


Construction Code Inspectors, Inc.  is contracted by the township as the building code enforcement inspector.  Building permits are required to enlarge, alter, repair, move or demolish the exterior of an existing building, construct a new building or structure or change the occupancy of a building.
At any given time, people are building structures, or improving existing structures, Code Enforcement helps manage the growth by approving projects and helping residents and builders meet code requirements. 

Whatever your plans may be for construction, please take the time to contact CCI at (814) 432-2630.

Sewage Enforcement Officer

Collin Fantaskey and Brian Shorts

​Phone: (814) 676-1744

​Communication goes thru Cornplanter Township