​​        Cornplanter Township        

​                         Venango County, PA

COVID-19 Temporary Procedure Changes

To Those We Serve:

To ensure the continuity of emergency services delivery, our personnel will be taking the following IMMEDIATE actions to protect themselves and their families:

All face-to-face participation in training programs, drills, work nights, meeting, etc.... will be suspended until further notice.

Public use of the fire station facility will cease immediately with exception of public emergency needs.

Personnel will not congregate at the fire station for any reason except for an emergency call or if requested by officer-in-charge.

Personnel will limit responses to non-critical EMS calls.  Personnel will stage outside the residence and only one person will make contact with the patient.  If there is an immediate need for personnel to enter, they will of course do so.

Personnel will be completing routine equipment checks immediately following emergency calls in order to limit the amount of trips to the fire station.

Rentals Following Federal and State mitigation guidelines, we will be suspending all rentals until further notice.

You will probably see reduced activity at the fire station in the coming weeks.  Please know that our personnel are committed to ensuring the delivery of critical emergency services to Cornplanter Township and the surrounding communities during this difficult time.


Chief-Ben Schwab

President-Jamie Carson

In an emergency, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.